16 October, 2011

Kleancolor: Vegas Night

Glitter, mmmm...

Vegas Night is one of the three Kleancolor polishes I hauled last month (click here for original post).   This polish is predominantly blue glitter with some purple glitter thrown in for good measure, floating in a translucent black base.  I applied three coats layered over Revlon's Black Lingerie (black creme) as a base.  The finish is a bit rough textured because I didn't flood this with top coat, only using a single coat of OPI RapiDry.

Both pics taken indoors in natural light:

What do you think?

Vita :)


  1. I love that polish!! So pretty!

  2. @Julia - Thanks! I love the blue/purple mix. :)

  3. wow, that looks gorgeous, so sparkly!
    Grace xx

  4. Ooooh, I like it!! We don't have that brand here, though. Rats.

  5. gorgeous!!i've been really liking glitters now and am on the hunt for some

  6. Glitter-tastic! I love super glittery shades lately, do you have any recommendations for affordable ones that are easy to get my hands on? Oh polish lord? ;P

  7. @Grace - thanks Sweet!

    @Liz - Wow, you can't get Kleancolor in Canada? That's a surprising bummer considering it's just across the border from you :( Makes me more amazed I can get it down here in Oz.

    @Priyanka - Glitter polish is definitely on the rise - I think it's actually becoming fashionable!

    @Kristy - Great compliment from you, the Glitter queen! xoxo

    @emmabovary - Oh wow, how can I resist a request like that!! For cheap glitters in Melbourne I'd suggest checking out BYS polishes at the Reject Shop, or Sportsgirl which has a nice holo silver for layering and if you can pay around $20 OPI's bringing out The Muppets collection which promises to be absolute glitter madness! Otherwise China Glaze has a great selection but you'll have to go online to hunt them down - try Crush cosmetics here which retail at around $12AUD per bottle or go offshore and order through Transdesign for around half the price including shipping.

  8. I want to swim through your nails!! Hahah I like this color a lot!


  9. @Alexisaurus - I love your comment. I can totally see the watery effect! :)

  10. This is so beautiful, love it :)

    Xo, Christine♥

  11. @Christine - Thank you! xoxo


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