25 October, 2011

What my nails wore to work: Rokk 96 - I'll be Frank

This is my office manicure from last week and yet another polish from my vacation mega-haul (see the original post here to refresh your memory)...

I'll be Frank is a deep, vampy polish which has that glow from within quality.  It's a burgundy/plum base with gold micro-glitter which gives it an insane warm glow in the sun and under incandescent light. The formula was easy to control, with smooth application and full opacity in two coats.  My manicure held up for four days before I got some minor chipping so I was also satisfied with the wear of this.

I loved wearing this shade although it probably doesn't flatter my hands so much,  making them look a little on the pasty side.  See what you think - I've put up a lot of pictures in this post to admire the beauty of this polish:

Full sun

Outdoors shade


I've one last shade from the Rokk 96 to try, which is the polar opposite of this - a soft pink creme!

That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. Looks totally hot on you!
    I have the Ozotic version of this (260) which I love

  2. @Kristy - Thanks for saying that. :) I really love the colour but I wasn't sure if it worked against my skin.

  3. gorgeous colour, I cant imagine wearing that for Halloween. Looks great on you!
    Grace xx

  4. gorgeous color! from the photos it works great with your skin.

  5. Love it! I think it straddles the boundaries between classic, vampy and sexy all at once.

  6. That's a very vampy colour, Vita! I like it!

  7. @Grace - This shade would be very Halloween appropriate! Loving your Halloween posts BTW!

    @prettymom - Thanks, I'm glad you think this shade works on me. Pretty good value at $8AUD too!

    @Polish AMOR - It looked 'wow' in the bottle so I had high expectations. I agree this polish is beautiful because it has such depth in its finish. :)

    @Liz - Great description and yes, I'd definitely wear this on a date night with the Husband!

    @Haute_Style - Thank you xoxo

  8. What a beautiful shade! I love this type of shimmer :)

  9. @Makeup Magpie - Thank you :) This type of finish is my favourite.


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