14 October, 2011

OPI: Rising Star

Happy Friday!

Here's the last of my vacation manis.  I packed a few mini OPI bottles for my trip - Rising Star was the only one I got around to wearing.  Rising Star is from OPI's glitterific 2010 Burlesque Collection and is a metallic coppery gold.  This glamorous shade sparkles in the sun with its smattering of glass-fleck and is bling for the fingers (and my toes)!

Full sun


Just for fun, here I am doing my best hand model pose on the Empress of Uruguay, the world's largest amethyst geode.  This was at The Crystal Caves in Atherton, Far North Queensland:

For reference here's the full geode which is over three metres/eleven feet tall!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Vita :)


  1. looks great on you, I dont know if I would wear it, probably would make my skin look funny :-P love your ring btw!

  2. Gorgeous color lady! I am really loving the orange


  3. The amethyst is gorgeous & so is this colour!

  4. @Polsh AMOR - Thanks! Check out my previous post for a close-up of the ring and my other new jewellery.

    @Christina - I love how this shade can be worn all year round :)

    @Vintage Makeup - My son bought a small chunk of amethyst as a souvenir. :)


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