17 October, 2011

Vacation Haul Part 3 - beauty odds & ends

I hope you're not sick of seeing my vacation hauls! 

Considering my OTT nail polish hauling I was really restrained when it came to my beauty purchases and I only bought three products over the two weeks - largely because I overpacked in terms of the beauty products I took from home!  I bought these few bits and pieces because they tempted me with their summery scents and colours.

Left to right:

Evodia Pink Frangipani Body Lotion (200ml/6.8fl.oz) - This lightly perfumed lotion really smells of summer with its softly floral pink frangipani scent.  I actually bought this out of need because my skin craved a bit of extra moisture after being out in the sun and I loved how quickly the lotion absorbed and how the scent remained true on my skin.  I'm wearing it on the back of my hand right now and it's one of those irresistible scents I can't stop myself from sniffing. 

Pacifica Waikiki Pikake Solid Perfume - I have to laugh a little because this perfume is a Hawaiian Jasmine & sandalwood, made in the USA.  It's an addictively sweet tropical themed scent and I just thought the packaging was really cute and so easy to carry in my purse - a cute girly purchase! 

L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick (Pink Fever) - This shade has only recently been released here in Australia and I bought it as a random purchase because I'm a fan of L'Oreal Color Riche lippies and also because it's a great creme pink shade suitable for summer. 

Pink Fever swatched:

Well that's all of my vacation beauty spending laid bare.  I'll do one last vacay-themed beauty post on my vacation beauty favourites soon.

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. @Polish AMOR - Thanks! I couldn't resist a great summery pink lippy. :)

  2. Pink Fever is such a pretty shade! You're right, it is a great shade for this summer season!

  3. @Rose - I had to have this shade. I love a creme pink lip in summer!


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