26 October, 2011

Orly: Entourage

Here's another glittery, almost vampy polish - stunning in real life but *sigh* it was so hard to capture in pictures!

For some reason Orly's Entourage actually reminds me of raspberry jam.  It's a very deep plum jelly base with a generous smattering of silver glitter.  I applied three coats to get good depth of colour and coverage.  I think this looks great on its own but because of the sheer jelly base it would also be a good layering polish.  As with my first Orly experience, this polish was very smooth and easy to apply.

Full sun


Outdoors shade

Are you an Orly fan?  What's your favourite Orly shade?

That's all from me tonight.

Vita :)


  1. so pretty.. i love those little bottles.!

  2. i love love orly! the rubber caps the bottle shape the awesome formula. ! im definitely a big fan..! and i need this one now that you showed it to us! its beautiful! & it looks so pretty on you!

  3. @Polish AMOR - I think the mini bottles are cute - and so tempting when they're all lined up in the stand!

    @Maria - I agree. I think the Orly formula is great. Orly's up there in my top 5 at this stage. I've got three more colours to try - all bright summery shades.

  4. What a lovely shade! :) Orly is one of my favorite brands :)

  5. Nice! This is one of those colours that I wish was an eyeshadow or lippie :)

  6. @Makeup Magpie - I'd love to know what your favourite Orly shades are. :)

    @Vintage Makeup - It would be lovely to have a sparkling raspberry lippie shade like this for an evening look!


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