29 October, 2011

I'm not exactly shattered...

...by the performance of OPI's latest addition to its shatter polish line.

Gold Shatter was the shatter shade I'd been waiting for and had such high expectations for.  However, instead of wide open chasms this polish dried with barely visible hair-line cracks over my base of Orly's Entourage

Here's a single picture of the result:

It frustrates me how inconsistent these polishes can be.  I haven't given up though and I'll keep working at it until I get a good result that's worth posting.  I'd read somewhere the shatter polish needs to dry out a bit and thicken up to provide a better shattered result so I might try that.  

Maybe a thicker coat of the shatter polish would give a better result?

Any ideas from you lovelies would be greatly appreciated!!

Vita :)


  1. Hey Vita! I tried the first shatter (black) and wasn't crazy about the whole trend in the end. But applying a thicker coat did make for better crackling effect. But I think the metallic/shimmer formula is trickier to work with. Good luck with it!

  2. thats how crackles work. LOL sometimes they shatter so nicely sometimes they dont.. i tend to add my shatter after a few hours the polish has dried and i see it cracks more..maybe that will help!? either way i still think it looks nice! and i like the color combo! i think ur ready for xmas!

  3. @Liz - I'm thinking a thicker coat might work so that's the tactic I'll try next.

    @Maria - My base polish was actually a day old when I applied the shatter so it was definitely dry! Thanks for the compliment on the colour combo. xoxo


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