25 May, 2011

By request: Essence - No More Drama

Hi Everyone,

I'm really frustrated about not being able to comment on your blogs or respond to your comments at the moment.  It feels really isolating.  Thanks to LeanneMelyssa & Vintage for responding to my plea for help yesterday - really appreciated :)

So, this is my first 'By Request' post.  Lilit of Makeup and Macaroons wanted to see how Essence No More Drama appears on the nails so I was happy to oblige.  This soft creme gloss polish is pretty and feminine.  I like how this lilac shade doesn't look as pasty and grey as some of these polishes can.  No More Drama's got just enough of a hit of colour to make it stand out.  It looks nice against my pale skin but I think it would look absolutely fab for those with tanned or darker skin!

I apologise for the gloomy lighting in these pics as it was a particularly cloudy, rainy day.  I've included a flash photo for comparison:


Indoors with flash

This colour will get lots of love through spring and summer.

That's all for now.  Hope to be chatting to you all again soon on your posts!!!

Vita :)


  1. Thanks so much for the pics, the colour is absolutely stunning. Lemming for it even more now! It's definitely a spring/summer colour but won't look too out of place on a crisp winter's day.


  2. Oh how you tempt me with so many pretty polishes Vita! This needs to go on the purple to buy list. Yeah there's a list :-D

    I was still having login issues this morning but I haven't closed my browser since to see if it's still happening. I went into major blogger dashboard withdrawals when I couldn't login!

  3. Don't worry about the issue you have at the moment. Hope everything will be back to normal soon.

    This is purple is prettier than the one I have from GOSH as it's a little dark. I'd have to put a coat of glitter on top which makes it look not too bad :D You have lovely perfect nails :)

  4. This is really pretty, but then again I just love purple! :) I'm going to order some Essence products soon.

    Thanks for the mention! :) I know other bloggers have had the same prob, I hope it gets sorted!

  5. Bellissimo questo colore!!!è uno dei miei preferiti


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