18 May, 2011

REVIEW: Sally Hansen nail art pen

I might not be a great nail artist like the lovely Leanne and deez-nailz  but I can wield a felt tip pen, right?

This should have been so easy.  Using Sally Hansen's nail art pen I copied the black on red look as seen on the models at the recent Rosemount Australian Fashion Week shows.  The look was a red creme mani with black half-moons drawn on the base of the nail.

Doesn't look too bad from a distance...

But up close - Yikes!!  Fail :(

Sally Hansen's nail art pen formula is water-based and environmentally friendly - Good. 

However - I found it runny and hard to control so I had to keep correcting the edges as I drew the outline before filling it in.  Also, the finish was very patchy after I'd applied the top coat to set it (as recommended on the pack) so I could see the red polish peeking through making it look very shabby.  It wasn't the perfect opaque black I'd hoped for and I was left feeling I could have achieved a better (although more toxic) result with a permanent marker!

This product was a fail for me.  Checking out some of the reviews on Makeup Alley (here) I can see that I'm not alone in my opinion.

Do any of you have other recommendations for nail art pens?

That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. It's too bad the nail pen didn't work well! I've never tried a nail pen, but I've been interested in them. :)

    This combo reminds me of a lady bug! Very cute

  2. I have these nail art pens but I use them more for touch ups and fillers more than anything else! The red one is pretty though as it has slight shimmer. They're a bit hit and miss, some harder to control than others. And they need a top coat else they wash off :-/

    I wish we had more readily available options here for pens though, I don't know of any other brands.

  3. @Vintage - I liked the colours so it was annoying that it didn't work.

    @Leanne - Thanks - I had a feeling I'd seen you use them in some of your posts.

  4. @Bini - I know. Very disappointing :(


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