08 May, 2011

OPI Silver Shatter + For Audrey = Fail!

Note to self:  Do NOT apply Silver Shatter with a heavy hand if you want to see lots of cracks!

See Example 1:  This was Silver Shatter over China Glaze's For Audrey and it should have looked gorgeous.  Unfortunately I felt like I'd spoiled a perfectly good manicure.  10 points for the colour combo idea, 4 points for execution:

Thumb close-up because
 this almost worked

Now for the rest:



Natural light indoors

Now for the utter disaster!!!  This should be Example 1 because I did this as the first mani last night.  I used OPI on Collins Ave, a hot orange/red as the base shade.  This just did not work at all.  It looked a little like my nails were bleeding and I took it off straight after I photographed it for posterity (and a laugh)...

I haven't given up yet.  I'll reswatch Silver Shatter THINLY over For Audrey to see if that looks how it does in my imagination.  The silver & duck egg blue combo should be lovely if I can get it to actually work.

I hope all mums who are celebrating are enjoying their Mother's Day today!  I had warm croissants with jam brought up for breakfast in bed this morning and the Husband is cooking a special dinner tonight - Lovely :)

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. I love the color combo! Really creative & pretty.

  2. Oh Silver Shatter is pretty. I have the Black one.

  3. @Vintage - Imagine how it will look if I can get it right! LOL

    @Ling Tung - Thanks! I've been checking out your FOA nail posts. I'm still waiting for Priceline to bring out the range so I can buy some.

  4. What a shame,I actually liked silver shatter on Audrey but with red base it doesn't look wright


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