24 May, 2011

No comment!

Hi -

I don't know if it's just me but now I find I can't comment on your blog posts or my own!  Everytime I sign in I'm identified as 'Anonymous' and asked to sign in again and again to no avail....  :(

I hope this latest gremlin corrects itself!

If you're having the same problem or know how to fix this please send me an email on Splintazz@gmail.com

Vita xo


  1. I'm having major issues. I'm being logged out a lot and having trouble logging back in again. I couldn't even get to dashboard before without clearing my entire cache.

  2. I don't have this problem but some of my comments have been deleted just like that and one suddenly came back as 'unpublished'. I think blogger just have some issues and would probably fix itself..hopefully :)

  3. I'm not having this problem, but I hope everything works out!


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