22 May, 2011

Haul post: More from Essence!

I promised the lovely Vintage Makeup I'd do more Essence reviews a while ago and finally here I am with more Essence pretties.  I know we're rapidly heading towards our Southern winter but it seems I was looking to spring for my inspiration with some of my colour selections below...

Eyeshadow pans L - R:
22 Blockbuster (matt effect)
16 Go Glam (shimmer effect)

Blockbuster is such a good match for me it literally disappears into my skin. It'll make a great natural base shade for those 'no makeup' days when I just want to perk up my eyes.  Go Glam was a bit of a surprise as it looked almost matte in the pan.  The shimmer really shows up when swatched and I think this will look beautiful as a highlight worn with plum or charcoal accent shadows.

Nail polishes L - R:
No More Drama
Plum Perfect

All glossy creme polishes, the lilac No More Drama was my favourite when swatched, and Plum Perfect the most versatile winter appropriate shade.  They all dried quickly on the tape swatch.

Crystal Eyeliner
07 Get Ready!

I haven't tried this liquid eyeliner on my eyes yet but I love the microglitter sparkles which aren't too OTT.  It applied quite smoothly on the back of my hand so I'm keen to try it even though, honestly, I haven't worn liquid eyeliner for years. Something fun to wear for evening!

Lipglosses & Lipstick L - R:
XXXL nudes lipgloss (03 Nude Kiss)
XXXL shine lipgloss (15 True Love)
Lipstick (42 Fairytale)

These lipglosses were watery and sheer on the skin and didn't offer much in terms of colour on my lips.  However, I've been enjoying wearing the Fairytale lipstick this weekend.  Fairytale is a soft mauvey pink with a sheer satin finish on the lips, so it looks quite natural.  My one peeve with the lipstick was the flimsy packaging.  The lipstick swivels so easily in the tube it can twist and jam itself into the lid.  That's what you get with cheap plastic packaging I guess.

Overall these are good quality budget beauty products and all retail under $5AUD.  The individual product prices are as follows:

*  Eyeshadow - $3.95
*  Nail polish - $2.95
*  Crystal eyeliner - $4.95
*  XXXL lipgloss - $4.50
*  Lipstick - $4.95

I purchased all of these products from Priceline.

Until my next post.

Vita :)


  1. I'm totally lemming after the essence polishes ever since I saw it on your blog but can't find them anywhere here in Syd. Last time I was in Melb I saw it at the priceline on bourke street but the counter was almost bare, hardly any polishes left. The lilac one and the purple on are my faves. I hope you're going to show how they look on the nails.


  2. Absolutely Lilit! Lilac first cos that's my fave :)

  3. I remember this brand from back in Europe. I have some lip glosses and lip sticks and I think they only cost €1 each

  4. @Bini - Yes, they're super affordable, especially the nail polish!

  5. I so want to try their lipsticks! Can you please do a full review on the lipstick? :)

  6. @Vintage Makeup - Sure, shall do soon. I might buy another one (or two) so I can give you more of an idea of the colours :)

    @crazy4makeup - me too! :)

  7. It is so nice to see Essence on the other side of the world. I live pretty close to Germany and I have easy access to their stuff and it is amazing to see your great swatches because it makes it so much easier for me to buy the right shade, thank you and just continue with good work :)


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