28 May, 2011

OPI: Starbright Sparkles II

Because  I felt sick and lazy this past week,  I was also lazy about painting my nails.  I didn't want to bother with a colour needing precise application and I didn't want to worry about any chips showing in my mani by week's end.  Still, being the nail polish addict I am I had to paint my nails, so I found my low maintenance - yet subtly sparkly - solution in OPI's Starbright Sparkles II.

This sheer iridescent shade is from OPI's Yokohama Collection.  It's very sheer (I used 3 coats here) but the sparse holo glitter adds a bit of interest to an otherwise safe manicure and it would be great as a french mani base.

Anyway, this is as bare as my nails are going to get:

Full sun


On an unrelated note this is a message to Vintage Makeup - I' m glad you found yesterday's lipstick post useful!

Until my next post.

Vita :)

1 comment:

  1. This is really pretty! I like the fact that since it's so light it wont show chipping as much. :) Hope you feel better!

    I've painted my nails SO many times in the past two days because the Honeybee Gardens nail polish chips so bad, ugh! Also many thanks for the little message at the end :)


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