20 May, 2011

Face of Australia: Aussie Beach

Happy Friday!

Here's a quick post to share what my nails were wearing to work this past week.  I chose an old metallic brown shade by Face of Australia.  Face of Australia are actually currently launching a new Molten Metallics range of nail polish shades but I've yet to see it at my local Priceline stores :(

Aussie Beach is a rich dark caramel brown with a metallic finish.  I applied two coats to achieve a smooth finish.  This polish was a little on the goopy side, probably because of its age and it took a long while to dry.  Unfortunately because of the long dry time - and my impatience - I had to live with a few dents in my mani this week.  On the plus side this old formula was resistant to chipping.

The golden undertones are enhanced in lamplight:

I took some outdoor shots but the natural light was pretty gloomy this week.  Here's one for comparison anyway:

I hoping for some better weather this weekend so I can get some sunlit photos of my next mani.

That's all for now.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Vita :)


  1. That is really pretty Vita! :) I've seen swatches of Molten Metallics, they look gorgeous.

  2. A little surprise for you on my blog ^_^

  3. @Vintage - Thanks! I'm trying so hard to get my hands on the molten metallics. I've got a $24 gift voucher from Priceline so I'll be able to get some free bottles if I find them!

    @Make-up Pleasure - I love surprises! I'm gonna check it out now :)

  4. i like both colors, great for the fall / winter season we have down under!

  5. That is a gorgeous colour love it! I just grabbed one of the new molten metallics polishes this week and loving it soo far! it's on my blog http://little-jo-its-all-about-me.blogspot.com/

  6. @prettymom - Thanks & welcome to my blog :) I picked this colour because it coordinates really well with my autumn outfits.

    @Little Jo - Thanks & welcome to you too!


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