05 May, 2011

Rimmel 60 Seconds: Portobello Pink

OK, this isn't an autumn shade at all!

Rimmel's Portobello Pink polish was a gift from a friend who decided it was too 'Barbie' for her against her olive skin.  The slightly shimmery candy pink didn't scream as loudly on me so the colour was fine and quite wearable but the formula? Aaarrgh!!
These pictures were taken the morning after I'd applied this and I'd had to disguise the sheet prints on my nails with an extra layer of top coat - 60 seconds, huh??  I had a feeling I was in trouble when I was doing this mani.  I applied the second coat of colour after waiting MORE THAN 60 seconds and it pulled at the first layer causing an uneven finish.  Fast drying top coat and drip dry drops didn't work either and I went to bed two hours later with soft nail polish....

This was my first experience with Rimmel's 60 second formula.  Maybe I was unlucky?  I hope so because I have a few more of these in my untrieds.  Has anyone out there had a similar experience with these polishes?

That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. Sorry to hear about your disaster formula :( I've worn the colour Pompous from that range and although it took much longer than 60 seconds to dry, I didn't have major dramas... I hope my untried Green with envy doesn't give me any trouble!

  2. I've tried these as well. 60 seconds, as if! I have pompous too and have had similar imprint disasters... but they have nice colours!

  3. @Cincly & @Leanne - Bummer! Looks like I may be doomed!!! Yes, I've got Pompous too, and I'll have try it on because it looks beautiful in the bottle...

  4. I've never tried these, but I have tried an Avon nail polish that was fast drying, and it was terrible. I like this color on you. :)

  5. @Vintage - Isn't that weird! Why is it always the quick dry polishes that refuse to dry?

  6. i tried the top coat and it was horrible! i will never purchase any of the 60 second polishes because of my experience and your review

  7. @Morgan A. - Yes I can understand that completely. Unfortunately I went and bought a few colours before I'd actually tried one :(

  8. I have this colour and like your friend, I find it very 'Barbie' against my olive skin, so I rarely use it, shame really because it's a gorgeous colour :D

    I myself have had some problems with Rimmel's nail polish, not just their 60 seconds range. I give each coat a good 2 minutes to dry (sometimes more, depending on the polish) to avoid any disasters :(

    I have the Cranberry Zest colour from their "Fruities" collection and I find it dried quickly, although I still like to wait two minutes to make sure it it fully dry.


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