24 May, 2011

Revlon: Purple Splash

I'm still at home feeling blah. I've got one of those super pain-killer resistant headaches, so sudden moves are a no-no and it literally hurts to think.  At least my throat doesn't seem to be burning any more.  I'll be thankful for small mercies...

As a cheer up I've picked the most gorgeously photogenic purple polish to show you.  I swatched this last weekend, and I really wish I'd done the full mani because looking back at the photos this old cheapy Revlon polish blew me away.  Yes, Purple Splash was another $3AUD discount I picked up a couple of years ago.  This is a rich shimmery purple with blue and pink sparkles that glisten in the sun. This polish has a split personality, tending to magenta or blurple depending on how the light hits.


The sunlight was partly obscured here.  
See how some of my nails look blue-tinged?


Are there any other purple fans out there?  Do you have a favourite colour you keep buying?

Until next time.

Vita :)

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