12 May, 2011

Revlon: Get Golden

Blogger's been having some hiccups so this is why my post is a little later than usual...It's been a bit of a bummer as I haven't been able to post or comment on anyone else's posts either this evening.

Well, the weather's been unusually cold, gloomy and wet down here in Melbourne so I searched through my picture archives for something with a warm tone to cheer me up.  Revlon's Get Golden is one of my oldies I picked up at a discount store.  This is a very warm, almost orange toned gold with a shimmery glow.  This applied smoothly with only slightly visible brushstrokes and was done in two coats.

These pictures were taken when I had nubbins:


Outdoors daylight

Until my next post.

Vita :)


  1. I so wish that was an eyeshadow, it's GORGEOUS!

  2. ooh I think i would love that on my toes!
    Guess what nail polish arrived in the mail yesterday :D
    Yep it's the one you are thinking of. God I think I was born to wear red nail polish :)
    thanks so much for introducing me

  3. @Bini - Yep if it weren't so f-f-freezing I'd have this one on my toes in a flash! Glad you got Affair in Red Square. There's nothing like a good sexy red ;)

    @Vintage - I know you commented on this post but for some reason it disappeared :( Yes, this would be a great eyeshadow colour!

  4. True about freezing. I have been giving my toes a polish break which I think is good once in a while. It's not like anyone sees them lol


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