07 May, 2011

Making up on a budget: How much is your face worth?

Hello everyone :)

In my last How much is your face worth? post I calculated that my average workday makeup was worth a total of $340AUD!  That jolted me into trying to replicate that look on a more limited budget.  After researching other beauty blogs, magazines, and trawling through discount beauty stores I've managed to bring the total down to less than $100AUD (none of these purchases were made online).

        • NYX The Twin Cake Powder (CP10 Sand Beige) - $22AUD
        • Revlon Spa Age Defying concealer (001) - $26.95AUD
        • BYS Blusher (#4 Candyfloss) - $4AUD
        • Subtotal:  $52.95AUD  (Original subtotal:  $140AUD)
        • Saving:  $87.05AUD
Overall I was very satisfied with the face products.  The NYX powder was a shade darker than my usual MAC NC20 (I do switch to NC25 in summer) but it blended beautifully to give a gorgeous light coverage, was not powdery at all and my skin actually had a glow to it - love it! I'll have to go back to Groove store and pick up the lighter shade for winter.  The Revlon concealer has a slightly heavier coverage than YSL's Touche Eclat and is more obviously a concealer than a concealer/highlighter hybrid, but still a good substitute.  The BYS blusher was gorgeous and gave me a lovely soft natural colour on my cheeks.  A fantastic bargain at only $4 - love this too!

        • Maybelline Eyestudio (Bronze Blowout) - $13.95AUD
        • Face of Australia eye definer pencil (Brown) - $7.95AUD
        • Rimmel Volume Flash x 10 Mascara (Black) - $15.50AUD
        • Subtotal:  $37.40 (Original subtotal:  $150AUD)
        • Saving: $112.60AUD
 My eye makeup lasted all day without fading, creasing or flaking.  The Maybelline eyeshadow was well pigmented but was noticeably more difficult to blend than my MAC shadows.  However the end result was quite wearable.  The FOA eyeliner was smooth in applying, blended well and did not run.  The star product for me was the Rimmel mascara.  This mascara has a velvety feel to it, didn't clump on application, thickened my lashes nicely and didn't flake or run.  I'd actually go so far as to say I personally prefer this to my Lancome mascara so I'll definitely repurchase!

        •  BYS Longwear Lipstick (Rebellious) - $4AUD
        • Essence lipliner pencil (01 Soft Rose) - $2.95AUD
        • Subtotal:  $6.95AUD (Original subtotal - $40AUD)
        • Saving:  $33.05AUD
I actually wanted to try out the $3 BYS lippies but the colour selection was cleared out at my local Reject Shop! Oh well, for an extra dollar I found a suitable brownish-rose shade in their Longwear line.  The colour was a great work-appropriate shade and this lipstick lived up to its name not bleeding or coming off on my coffee cup.  My one criticism of this is it felt a bit drying on my lips.  Finally the Essence lipliner was the perfect nude lip shade for outlining my lips and it glided on as smoothly as butter - another winner from Essence.

My total expenditure for this post came in at $97.30AUD which is a total saving of $242.70!  I can say I didn't make any major sacrifice in quality and I've become acquainted with some new beauty favourites.  I've also got to say this exercise was lots of fun and would recommended everyone have a go at doing this.

Until my next post.

Vita :)


  1. Hi dear, i love your blog! i'm your follower now, if you wish to visit my little blog you are welcome!
    Se you soon ^_^


  2. You did really good! & that lipstick does look so similar to the Revlon. I should try doing a budget one too though my original was under $100 anyway!

  3. @Make-up Pleasure - Welcome to my little blog and thank you for your lovely comment. I will certainly be visiting yours soon!

    @Vintage - I'd love to see how low you can go! :)

  4. Ohhhh I love those Maybelline Eyestudio marble eyeshadows. I have a bright pink/gold combo and I use it at least 5 days out of the week. There are just so many ways to use them. Love it!

  5. I love these posts, I might do one too. May face is worth more than my car i eckon lol

  6. -Vita

    I'll have one up soon, I'm hoping to do it under $15, if possible, haha :)

  7. @Kimmie - I love how you can swirl the shades together.

    @Bini - Haha! I'd love to see your post. :)

    @Vintage - OMG I've got to see that!

  8. What a great post Vita, just becuase you went budget you didn't skimp on quality.
    BYS blush in Candyfloss is a favourite of mine, it's such a beautiful neutral pink that goes with everyting. And I used to use the NYX powder, but they stopped selling them at Gloss stores in Sydney so I can't find my shade anywheere. Next time I'm in Melb i'll have to check out Groove for it.

  9. Hi Lilit, I could have gone for a cheap and nasty post but that wasn't the intention. I wanted to prove to myself (and everyone) that there are good quality inexpensive products out there. I agree with you on the blush and the powder. What an amazing blush for just $4! And the powder! I'm going back to Groove myself to pick up another powder in CP 8 for winter. I genuinely love it! :)

  10. Hey! wow, you did really well on a budget! just because its cheap doesnt mean you sacrifice on quality. I think I really need to get myself some of the BYS blushes, they are so cheap and have lovely colours!


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