11 May, 2011

REVIEW: Luxe lipstick love - Tom Ford

*Sings* "Happy birthday to me!..."

I always like to spoil myself for my birthday with a little something extravagant.  This year it was the most expensive lipstick I had in my sights:

Is this my HG lipstick?

Yes, I went and bought myself my first Tom Ford Lip Color!  At $65 this could be a little impractical (the Husband laughed when I told him the price) but a girl's got to spoil herself at least once a year! The sales assistant was a gorgeous man clad in a chic velvet blazer who was very attentive in assessing my colouring and outfit and steered me to the perfect all year round "...very Tom Ford" shade of True Coral.  This vivid coral-red creme colour lights up my face and I can get away with base and mascara as my only other makeup. 

Onto the picture fest:

Chic understated white box...

The architectural lipstick case with the clean lines and gold tipped lid...

The embossed gorgeousness inside...*drooling now*...

And the swatch in natural light

So what can I say about this lipstick?  First impression after admiring its chicness is the sheer weight of the packaging.  According to the box this weighs .10oz/3g but it's weighted so substantially in the lid and the lipstick bullet itself that it seems to weigh a ton (as you'd expect with an expensive lipstick).  Of course the lid also snaps or clicks resoundingly into place (another sign of a prestige lipstick). 

And the product itself?  The formula is lovely and glides on - very velvety and creamy, quite heavily pigmented and doesn't bleed.  Although fragrance is on the ingredient list there is no detectable lipsticky smell or taste either.  The list of ingredients in this lipstick is so long that it takes up two full sides of the packaging.  The ingredients include:  castor seed oil, lanolin oil, wheatgerm extract, soybean seed extract, and shea butter. 

What's the colour range like?  There are 12 colours in the range from pale pinks and nudes, going down the colour spectrum to deep plums.

Would I buy this again?  Sure, at least for my next birthday or any other special occasion I can dream up ;)

Australian readers can purchase Tom Ford Lip Colors from David Jones stores.

That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Wow, a Tom Ford. I'd love one but don't know if I could bring myself to using it and losing the embossing.
    Gorgeous colour though

    Happy Birthday

  3. Happy birthday!

    Tom Ford lipstick... Sigh. (:

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VITA! :) Hope it's a good one. The lippie looks stunning.

  5. Thank you for all your wonderful birthday wishes. I love being a part of the blogging community. I've had a great day so far ! <3

  6. Happy Birthday Vita!!
    Wow so expensive! It looks lovely and I'm sure it's worth the price :)

  7. Thanks Melissa! I'm going to wear this lippy for my special dinner date with Hubby this weekend :)

  8. What a treat! Happy birthday!!
    Which city do you live in vita?

  9. @Bini - Thank you for the birthday greeting. I'm from Melbourne, the city with four seasons in one day! :)

  10. Oh shame, I am from Sydney

  11. @Bini - You never know, our paths may cross sometime :)

  12. Hi Vita,
    Happy belated Birthday!
    I've just come across your blog and saw this post =)
    The TF shade you bought is gorgeous and the packaging is ohh sooo sleek! I was quite surprised to see that the lipstick formula is only 3 g! It's not much commpared to lipsticks that are twice the size!
    Love reading your blog btw!


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