27 September, 2013

My Bloom buys...

A little while ago one of my favourite local beauty brands Bloom ran a one day 50% off sale on their site.  I was on a bit of a slow buy at the time but I checked it out and yep I went SHOPPING!  So, hopefully you want to see what I chose? Just in case you missed the Instagram show and tell?? As per usual I'll have a handy little justification for each item - Damn I'm good at that!!

Butterfingers Shea Butter Hand Cream

This was a repurchase so it didn't require any deliberation at all on my part.  I've had a tube and a large pump-dispenser bottle of Butterfingers so I know what this hand cream's all about.  It moisturises with Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil and is naturally scented with Lavender and Geranium essential oils.  Rich, but not greasy and easily absorbed.  OMG I do have a lot of hand cream now! I've got them everywhere too...

Lip Gloss - Sweet Pea

Another repurchase.  This time a repurchase of a favourite shade - or so I thought.  The name's the same but the shade was distinctly different and wasn't the mauve-pink cream that I remember.  The reinterpretation of Sweet Pea has resulted in a deep honey, slightly shimmery shade.  I probably should kick up a fuss about it because it's not the same - really I should - but it's a wearable shade and something I'll wear anyway so I'll just warn you and keep this one for myself.  Again this contains natural oils and is flavoured with Mandarin and Vanilla oils so it smells delicious on the lips.  Pigmentation is medium and the gloss consistency is fairly thick without being annoyingly sticky.

Sheer Colour Cream - Coy

I have a couple of these in cooler pink tones (my favourite being the soft pink cream Shy) but I've seen Coy around the blogosphere, tempting me with its pretty peach.  I love the Sheer Colour Creams because of their versatility - they can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks.  I must admit I won't use them on my already oily eyelids but they blend out beautifully on my cheeks and I'll use them on cheeks and lips for a single tonal look.  I prefer a light touch of colour on my cheeks but the pigmentation is buildable for a stronger look.  For someone who had a definite preference for powder blush I am crossing over more and more to creams these days because I enjoy the healthy dewy glow I get from creams and I particularly love them for weekend wear.  The Sheer Colour Cream formula is enriched with natural oils including Calendula Flower oil and Evening Primrose oil.

Shadow Liner - Charcoal Grey

Right, finally something I had no prior knowledge about!  I was interested in the concept of the flat edged eyeliner/eye shadow hybrid pencil I could use to line my eyes or colour my lids. Being the first time I've purchased one of these I went for a more neutral shade, although Charcoal Grey does have a lot of silver sparkle in it so I don't think I'll be using it as an every day product.  The pigmentation is on the softer side so I need to go over the line more than once to build the colour and this doesn't glide on as easily as some of the other eyeliners out there.  It's not necessarily budge-proof either which on the plus side means I don't have to rush to blend it out but I'm not sure of its longevity - I think I need to wear it a few more times to form a solid opinion on the performance.  What I do like is that the Shadow Liner is multipurpose so if I wanted to travel extremely light I could throw this into my makeup purse for a soft grey liner during the day or a sparkly grey lid at night.

Swatched Left to Right:
Sweet Pea, Coy, Charcoal Grey x 2
Nail Polish - Emily Green Collection Navy

Of course if there's nail polish on sale I'm going to have to consider that too! Bloom nail polish normally retails at $19.95 each so 50% off is a good time to buy.  I opted for a shade from Bloom's latest collaboration with Melbourne based artist Emily Green.  The website described Navy as a bright navy and from the swatch I think that's a pretty accurate description. 

So that's all for this little haul folks!



  1. Lovely haul, and that blue polish is gorgeous!

    1. I was taking a guess when buying the polish but I was really pleased when it arrived. It's a great blue and just a little bit different from the other deep blues I already have!

  2. I love all of your picks! The colors are gorgeous and perfect for spring :D

  3. Love it all! I remember a boutique here used to carry Bloom until it went out of business. I always regretted not sampling them.

    1. I've loved Bloom for years. A big drawcard is their use of natural oils and scents in their cosmetics! Well I might just have to send some Bloom your way next time ;)

  4. Such a great little haul and great justifications on each purchase! The Sheer Colour Cream looks so pretty!

    1. I always consider my purchases! Lol

      I love the Sheer Colour Creams - now I have three in my collection!

  5. I like your blog! Following you now :) Follow me back?? http://www.glossandmagic.com/


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