16 September, 2013

Bright Pink Lipstick Day - Friday 20th September

Hello :)
Ling and I don't want to flood our blogs with YouTube videos and overwhelm our readers but we really wanted to share this video in time for Bright Pink Lipstick Day, Friday 20th of September because it is for a worthy cause and something we are both actively supporting.

Australian organisation Pink Hope is promoting Bright Pink Lipstick Day to raise awareness and funds for Australian women's breast and ovarian health.  Pink Hope is "...Australia’s first community designed to inspire women to be proactive and vigilant with their breast and ovarian health, while providing a safe haven for high risk women to connect." 
The motto for Bright Pink Lipstick Day is as simple as:
  Wear. Share. Care.
  1. Wear your brightest pink lipstick to support Pink Hope and bring into the spotlight the effects of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer (Revlon has released a special Limited Edition shade Pink Hope available in Priceline, Target and selected pharmacies) 
  2. Share pictures of you wearing your bright pink lipstick on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) using the hashtags #brightpinklipstickday #pinkhopeaus #Revlon
  3. Show you care by donating to Pink Hope, holding a fundraiser or getting your employer involved through workplace giving.
 Ling and I were both busy trying to choose our best bright pink lippies for the day so we thought we'd share our bright pink lipstick wardrobes with you in our new video.  There's lots more laughs and goofing around this time as we relax into ourselves in front of the camera (mostly at my expense!) with lots of swatches too including bright pink lipstick shades from MAC, Tom Ford, Revlon, Maybelline, Rimmel and Napoleon Perdis.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hurray! Vita, you are lovely - and I love listening to you Aussies speak. I will make every effort to wear pink this Friday ;) Even though my Friday is behind yours!

    1. My secret venture has finally been unveiled! I'm so happy to know you're going to be supporting us in spirit from so far away :) xo

  2. Pink is definitely your colour! I'll take out my fuchsia lipstick on Friday too. And flood with videos! We like it. :)

    1. Yay thanks Liz!!!

      There will be more videos coming up. We have a few ideas up our collective sleeves!

  3. You wear bright pinks so well Vita! I will wear pink on Friday too! And yes! more videos!

    1. Thanks Tracy! And lovely to know you're gonna be getting into the spirit too. xo


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