27 July, 2012

Glitter skittles

Today's post is a quickie - because I don't have much to say...

We had a glimpse of winter sun last weekend so I had some fun with my new nubbins and had a little glitterfest!  One quick coat of a different glitter polish on each nail added just enough sparkle to take the aqua blue Pacific Fever to another level of pretty.

Here's the result using T.B.N Glitter 908 on my index/pointer finger, Essence Make it Golden on the middle finger, Aisai 50 on the ring finger and OPI Rainbow Connection on the pinky:

 To give you a better view of the different effects I've added some close up shots of the individual nails:

T.B.N - Glitter 908
Milky iridescent glitter.

Essence - Make it Golden
Gold hex glitters in a sheer gold shimmer polish.
I could have done with an extra coat for a more even glitter coverage.

Aisai - 50
Blue hex glitter in a clear base.
Love the glassy finish of this polish - my fave.

OPI - Rainbow Connection.
A rainbow mix of different sized glitters.

What's your favourite?

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. Ilove combination with Aisai - 50. looks very pretty :)

  2. My favourite is Rainbow Connection, love it! I have the golden essence shade and love it over other golden shades

    1. The Essence glitter is one I've used a lot too. Funny I haven't thought to use it over gold. I'll try a tone on tone myself next time :)

  3. Oh, that's a fun idea! I never thought of doing it with glitter. I like the Aisai-50 combo!

    1. Yeah, it's cute without being too obvious. First time I've tried it and I think it turned out quite okay :)

  4. Looks like good times! I was tempted to pick up copper glitter from the OPI for Sephora range on discount for $5 but remembered how much I despise removing glitter from nails. My fave from your combos are the first two!

    1. Try wearing a glitter as a layering shade - removal's not quite as painful then!


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