29 July, 2012

Nail polish haul!

Well Hello :)

This is another quickie haul post I had up my sleeve.  A good friend at work (and a follower) went on an overseas holiday to Malaysia and Europe and did some polish hauling for me.  My instructions were to surprise me so she and her new husband got right into the spirit and these are the little gems they brought back for me.  Amazingly this lot set me back a total of $15AUD - awesome shopping Stacy!!!

Here's the entire haul just thrown onto my bedspread...

Now for some more bottle spam up close...

Color Combos L - R:
  CMT 303, CBL 118, CBL 103

Essence L - R:
Let's Get Lost, Make it Golden, Time For Romance
I have two of these Essence polishes already so I think that's a hint I need to consider a giveaway!

Kleancolor - Funky Yellow
Eleanor - ENP059
Sephora - 65

L - R:
Sasa? - 07
Splash - Glow in The Dark 2
OMG a glow in the dark polish?  Slightly insane but so much fun.  Stacy's hubby chose this one!
Clearly, I need to catch up with my swatching.  Decisions, decisions...

That's it for tonight's madness.

Vita :)


  1. The Eleanor and glow in the dark ones might be my favourites from this lot! Such a lovely gift from overseas

    1. I should try Eleanor with the glow in the dark as a top coat! I was thrilled that my friend brought back so much polish. I was only expecting a few bottles so I was amazed and really grateful with what I received :)

  2. Giveaway, giveaway! lol. I know what it's like to find more than one of the same polish in your collection ;)

    1. I haven't doubled up on polish all that often which surprises me because I'm not an organised person, lol!

  3. Glow in the dark polish seems really awesome. I think there are some sold here and I need to get myself a bottle :D

    1. Glow in the dark would be the obvious choice for Halloween I guess! It's a first in my collection. I'll be interested to see just how glowy it is!!

  4. Both your co-worker/friend and her husband have major nail polish shopping skillz! LOL! How fun - enjoy your new goodies! :)

    1. Thanks Liz :) I know, how funny that my friend's hubby got right into it - and made the wildest choices!!!


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