16 April, 2011

Autumn ombre mani

I've had this idea in the back of my mind for a while now.  Today I finally had the time and opportunity to try and create an ombre manicure using the colours of the autumn leaves.  This mani uses a combination of Zoya and OPI polishes.  It probably looks more skittle than ombre but I still enjoyed the end result.

Now for lots of pictures of me clutching autumn leaves :)

From thumb to pinky the shades are:
Zoya - Richelle
OPI - Opus in Amber
OPI - Take the Stage
Zoya - Shivon
Zoya - Kalista

Thanks for looking at my little tribute to autumn!

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. Ooh pretty autumn colours! LOL @ skittles. I like it! Oddly I don't have any Zoya polishes! Did you buy them online?

  2. OPI - Take the Stage is my favorite!

  3. @Leanne - I bought the Zoya polishes online from Art of Beauty Australia. Occasionally they sell collections half price :)

    @Vintage - Take the Stage really blends well with the autumn leaf in my hand!

  4. Oh nice, I have been meaning to try and get a hold of that Zoya polish remover. Thanks!

  5. That looks so fun, did you wear it like that? I totally would :-)

  6. @Bini - Wish I could say I did because it looked gorgeous but I only kept it on for a few hours :(


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