21 April, 2011

NOTD: LA Girl - Platforms

As I was saying the other day I had a craving for colour.  Today's a gorgeous sunny day, I've got the day off, so let's go for some serious colour - neon fuschia creme!

I bought LA Girl Platforms last year, inspired by the Juicy Couture's advertising campaign for Viva La Juicy perfume.  The girl in the magazine ad had the most amazing screaming fuschia nails which stood out against her blonde hair and alabaster skin.  The ad caught my attention but obviously not in the way it was intended!

Platform is a shade from LA Girl's Disco Brites range.  It's a black light nail polish intended to glow at the nightclub.  I don't have any black lightbulbs to test it and show you but I'm happy enough with the colour during the daylight!!   This was two coats:

To pretty this up a little more I added some Essence nail stickers to my ringer fingers:

And...Here was my inspiration for hunting down this colour!

I purchased my LA Girls nail polish for around $5AUD from Groove Accessories.  Australian readers can access their website here

Until my next post.

Vita :)


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