14 April, 2011

My first blog award!

I was tagged with the Blog Mas Divertido award a few weeks ago by the lovely Vintage at http://vintagemakeup.blogspot.com/ .  A big Thank you for my first award!

Would you believe it means 'award for funniest blog'?  I couldn't help myself, I checked out the Spanish to English translation in Google Translate just to make sure!  I think I'd be better qualified for the 'award for mildlly amusing blog' but anyway...

Here it is!!  Ta - Dah!!

Here are the five bloggers I pass this award on to:

The Green Fairy at Polished Serenity
Leanne at thatleanne

They're all witty and entertaining in their own unique way - check them out!


  1. Thanks for doing this post.

    "mildlly amusing blog" na!

    Your blog is great. :)


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