12 April, 2011

Vintage MAC polish: Alumina

As promised, here's the first of my vintage MAC mani's. 

I chose Alumina as the first of these posts because this is the first MAC nail polish I ever bought - way back in 1996.  That's sooo long ago.  MAC wasn't available in Australia back then so I actually got this at Hudson's Bay Co. (aka the Bay) while on holiday in Canada!!

Alumina is a blue toned metallic silver, and even after all these years is still very thin in formula so required three coats for full coverage.  It's a little brush strokey but I can forgive that because it's such a cool colour:

With flash
Full sun

Here's proof of this bottle's age.  Check out the expiry date stamped on the bottle - December 1997!

Until my next post.

Vita :)


  1. Very unique shade, I like how it says "EXP 12/97" haha! :) The old bottles were nice.

  2. Not bad for a dinosaur polish!


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