17 April, 2011

Tag: How much is your face worth?

No! That's not what I'm wearing today!!! LOL

There have been some interesting posts going around lately where bloggers have revealed how much their daily makeup actually costs.  It seemed like a fun idea so here's my post on the cost of my weekend daytime face:

 Today I wore the basics for a natural daytime look:
  • Revlon eyeshadow quad (Tickled Pink - Limited edition) - $26AUD
  • YSL Touche Eclat (2) - $55AUD
  • MAC Powerpoint eye pencil (Bordeauxline) - $32AUD
  • Maybelline Lash Stilletto mascara (Black) - $19.50AUD
  • Bloom Lip Gloss (Sweet Pea) - $24AUD
Total cost:  $156.50!

That surprised me because somehow I was kidding myself it would be a lower figure.  I'll have to do a comparison with a weekday working look because I know that's gonna be really scary!  The real challenge now will be to come up with a budget makeup look and see how low I can go without sacrificing quality.

How much is your face worth?

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. $156.50, wow!

    I think mine was just over 60!

    I'd love to see a budget makeup look. :)

  2. I'll take on the budget challenge - I've got to kick my addiction to the Touche Eclat and find a good INEXPENSIVE concealer/highlighter!!

  3. I'm afraid of doing the calculations!

  4. Scary and you haven't even included big ticket items like foundation... :-)

  5. Vita I heard neutrogena make a good dupe for the ysl. Try eBay or glossi.com.au

  6. @Beauty Addict - I dare you to do the numbers! ;)

    @Bini - I actually don't wear foundation very often, I usually just go with a combination of concealer and some sheer powder - unusual for a makeup junkie, huh? Thanks for the neutrogena tip, I'll check it out!

  7. I adore Lash Stiletto! Oh my goodness, I would hate to think how much my daily makeup costs!

  8. @Kaz - You should do this tag too! :)

  9. Wow, I'm certainly suprised! But I shudder how much mine costs... Do you count the price of a whole palette? Example: Urban Decay Book of Shadows?? (>,<)

  10. Ooh, that is a wicked fun idea! I'm curious now how much my face is worth ;)

  11. *EEP* shows how much us ladies spend on makeup here in Au hey?! Great post!

  12. @The Green Fairy - Yes I do count the cost of the whole palette unless it's refillable!

    @Dainty Darling Digits - I'd love to see how much your face is worth! :)

    @Jadegrrrl - Thanks and I totally agree! It costs lots of $$$ for us Aussie makeup maniacs!

  13. I would be too scared to even calculate it! lol I think a woman does end up spending 90% of her earnings on makeup and clothes! crazy xx


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