23 April, 2011

Just for fun: essence glossy lipbalm

I've got to confess I've been just a little bit infatuated with essence cosmetics since discovering their cheap and cheerful line at Priceline a few months ago.  I've pretty much loved their nail polish and eyeshadow and for $2.95AUD each I could easily justify trying one of their little tubes of glossy lipbalm.  It started with just one, but after trying it I went back and bought the whole lot!  How old am I again??  Not too old to have some girly fun!

Here are the cute little tubes (0.28fl.oz/8,5ml each) and some swatches on the back of  my hand:

From left to right these are:
  • Sparkling cherry - the picture doesn't show it but this cherry-scented gloss does have a very subtle sparkle
  • Sweet strawberry - very sweet strawberry scent, pale, virtually colourless shimmer on the lips
  • Toffee frappucino - the most opaque in this range, a shimmery caramel gloss, with a sweet coffee scent
  • Berry sorbet - this was the first tube in my collection.  Gorgeous deep blue-pink shimmery gloss with a delicious sugary lolly scent.  Aussie girls should know what I mean when I say it smells just like Redskin lollies - Yummy!
  • Pink dragonfruit - deep red-pink sparkle, smells like dragonfruit?!?
These are all very wet glosses and therefore they need constant reapplication but I don't think that's an issue considering the price.  They're great to throw in your jeans pocket or purse for a bit of inexpensive fun - and they're suitable for girly girls of all ages.

Until my next post.

Vita :)


  1. Please do more posts about essence products!

    I've been wanting to try them. :)

  2. @Vintage - Your wish is my command! I just love these products!

  3. nice review, I might pick few, thanks for the review:)


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