19 April, 2011

EOTD: Witchery palette

Wow!  My How much is your face worth? post certainly provoked a lot of interest - Great!

I thought I'd push it a bit further with a few more posts along this theme. The first one will be on the cost of my weekday (office) face just to scare you girls a bit more about the price of beauty *sniggers*. The other post will be a personal challenge post to see how low I can go in price without skimping on quality.  This one will be a retail rather than online purchase challenge just because I like to try and then buy on the spot!

Anyway, moving on to today's post.   I was having a girly afternoon with some close friends a few weekends ago.  You know what I mean - a long lazy gossipy lunch, followed by wandering in and out of stores, finding little treasures long the way...

We were browsing around the Witchery women's fashion store when I spied their eyeshadow palettes at the checkout register selling at $19.95AUD.  I love chic packaging, so I fell in love with the minimalist presentation of this palette and the neutral shades:

Unfortunately this palette has no name!

I created a quick daytime look using a combination of all of these shades over eye base and this was the result:

I was reasonably happy with the soft neutral look but found that this eyeshadow had creased a little at the end of the day (even with eye base). Hmmm.

I also picked up some bling in the form of yet another pair of silver earrings!!  These cost $12.95AUD.

Funnily enough, I didn't actually buy any clothes!
That's all for now.

Vita :)


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