27 April, 2011

OPI: Tickle My France-y


This mani is from a few weeks ago when I had to do an ultra conservative look.  I was one of three people on an interview panel representing my department so I had to look the part.  Tickle My France-y from OPI's 2008 France collection was my choice.  This is a lovely warm creamy nude colour which reminds me of very milky coffee.  Two coats gave a glossy even finish and it lasted beautifully the entire week.  It looked very chic and I think it almost gave me the mannequin hands look:

Outdoors shade

Full sun

What's your favourite nude nail polish?

Until my next post.

Vita :)


  1. I really like this colour on you! I've been tossing up whether I should get it or not... my very small collection of nudes are all sitting unloved at the back of my polish drawer due to the fact that I have so many pretty colours I want to wear :)

  2. Ooh looks nice! And the name is hilarious. I really like Essie Topless & Barefoot (another French collection - coincidence?) I am tempted to get a full size of it because I only have a mini :-P

  3. That looks great on your nails, but when i triedd it, it was too close to my skintone so it looked kinda blah on me. My fave Nude is by Sportsgirl actually, called Nude.

  4. @Cincly - I completely understand. My rainbow collection of polishes continues to grow and I just want to try them all. If your fair like me try TYF. It's just that little bit different from the pink and peach nudes :)

    @Leanne - I agree the name is hilarious! I love the cheesy names OPI (and others) dream up!

    @Makeup and Macaroons - I think I know the Sportsgirl nude and it looks tempting. A peachy nude with a pink shimmer?

  5. I don't have any nude polishes, but I plan on getting one!

  6. I really like this polish on your skin tone! I find it difficult to find a nice nude that's not too sheer. I have to see if my Sally's carry this one

  7. @Vintage Makeup - A good nude polish is like the LBD in your nail wardrobe!

    @The Nail Buff - Welcome to my little blog! I agree TMF is a great opaque nude :)

  8. Noice. Don't you just love OPIs names. Sometimes I just read through their collections to get a giggle out of it

  9. @Bini - My Hubby has a chuckle too! :D


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