12 November, 2011

What my nails wore to work: Revlon - Demure

Last week I decided on something peachy for my work manicure -

Revlon's Demure fit the bill perfectly.  Demure is a recent release in Australia from Revlon's retro Fire & Ice collection (I believe it was released in 2010 in the US).  With other shades given feisty names such as Siren and All Fired Up, Demure fits the icy element nicely.  This is a medium slightly pink-toned peach creme polish and very retro, conjuring up images of Grace Kelly and Mad Men.  All I needed was the sharply pointed fingernails rather than my usual squovals and an updo and I would have been right there (in my mind anyway!) This polish was opaque in two coats.

Outdoors indirect light:

Is there anything retro that takes your fancy?

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. I have to pick this up now!! Makes your nails look so girly and pretty:)

  2. @Priyanka - Demure's very feminine and I felt very girly last week wearing it. I was inspired to wear swishy skirts and dresses :)

  3. It looks so pretty on you! I don't think it'd work with my skintone, but now I want to pull out something pretty and demure like this and do my nails. :)

  4. I love this! I do agree that it looks very retro. :)

  5. Oooooooohhhhh, I have this!!! It's on my toes right now, with a coat of OPI DS topcoat. It's beautiful.

  6. @Liz - I'm going to burst into song in a minute..."I feel pretty, oh so pretty..."

    @Vintage Makeup - Yep definitely a retro look. A few years ago I think I'd have hated this and called it a 'mom' colour, but now it just seems so right!

    @D... - I have visions of you wiggling pretty little demure toes. I think this would make a lovely pedi colour. I'll try it myself. :)

  7. Oh man, this is such a pretty colour! The only similar shade I have is from China Glaze and it's much more orange, and it makes me look like I have lobster hands D:

  8. @SilhouetteScreams - Nice to have you back around. I think this shade has just enough pink in it to soften the orange from being too much. Any more pink and it would be a rose shade. :)


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