04 November, 2011

BK: Blue Dark (glitter that is!)

Here's a bit of glitter to end the week with a bang!

When I spotted the BK polish line at Cosmetics Plus I was overwhelmed by the selection.  They have some utterly gorgeous glitters but I limited myself to only one(!).  I chose Blue Dark (yes that's what the shade is called) because of its combination of silver and holo glitter in a dark blue base, which fills a gap in my slowly growing glitter polish collection.  This was a quick one-coater for me when I applied it over yesterday's High Impact Blue, however for a perfect opaque coverage two coats would be recommended.

I'd planned to wear this mani for a single day but enjoyed it so much I kept it on for three:

Full sun

Have a great weekend!

Vita :)


  1. That is lovely. I'm such a sucker for glitter polish and tis the season it seems! Glitter polishes everywhere :-)

  2. @Leanne - Absolutely everywhere! I'll be rocking the glitter this Christmas for sure!

    @Polish AMOR - Thanks :) This is up there with my favourite glitter polish shades!

  3. Adore this! Blue & red shimmers always get me!<3

    You do some of the best nail polish swatches! :)

  4. @Vintage Makeup - Yay for another blue fan! Thank you for the compliment too, you're too kind.

  5. @Haute_Style - It's a party polish don't you think?

  6. do i dare say this is my favorite polish you've swatched since i started following you forever and a day ago?!! i LOVE blue & i LOVE glitter.. this looks so perfect on you !! *goes to look on ebay for this beauty*

  7. @Maria - Wow, Thank you! xoxo I've seen this on the Australian Fashion Addict website but I'm not sure if they ship to the US. Good luck hunting, this is even better IRL!

  8. Drool! I don't have anything quite like this in my collection (though I don't have a big collection so that's not saying much, haha). I've tried a couple of the BK polishes in the leopard print capped bottles but none of the actual glitters. I must rectify this!

  9. @SilhouetteScreams - Get onto those glitters girl! You lucky thing to have those Cosmetics Plus stores in QLD!


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