07 November, 2011

Pretty little pots: Daiso Rose Jewelry Lip Gloss

I was wandering through my local Daiso store in search of Japanese snacks when I found these little lip gloss pots which were just too pretty to resist!

These are very appropriately called 'Rose Jewelry Lip' because of their ridiculously pretty packaging.  The lid is faceted like a jewel while the bottom of the pot is moulded to the shape of a rose.  I think these look deceptively more expensive than their $2.80AUD price tag:

There are five shades in the range.  I chose Fresh Peach and Happy Pink because they were the softer shades in the selection.  It's recommended on the pack these are best applied with a lip brush (not supplied) but they can just as easily be applied with a fingertip for a softer finish.  The texture of these glosses are like softened butter and the finish is shiny without looking too wet with a hint of shimmery sparkle.  The wear time is average and you'd need to reapply after about an hour or so.  What I did find a little weird was the slightly grainy feeling on the lips and I can only think it's due to the shimmer particles.

L - R:  Fresh Peach, Happy Pink

-beautifully packaged
-can be applied with fingertip or brush
-medium pigmented so can be worn on its own or layered
-shiny finish but not sticky, gloopy or wet
-does not bleed but fades gradually leaving a slight sparkle on the lips
-five shades available:  fresh peach, happy pink, elegant honey, soft scarlet, rich red
-only $2.80AUD each

-shimmery shades feel 'grainy' on the lips
-no fragrance (this isn't necessarily a con!)
-needs regular reapplication

Would I buy these again?
Yes, probably more for the cute packaging than anything.  I also think these would make lovely stocking fillers for Christmas.

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. how adorable!!!Wish we had a Daiso in Sydney

  2. @Priyanka - Aren't they cute! I need to get a decent dressing table to sit these little jewels on.

  3. Oh, I'm in love.
    That must be one of the prettiest packages I've ever seen, gorgeous!
    Can you get me some too pleaaaase? :D

  4. I love the roses! You've been awarded the Liebster Blog award,and can claim it here http://glazedtalons.blogspot.com/2011/11/glazed-talons-is-liebster-blog.html

  5. They're so cute! I probably wouldn't have resisted them either. :)

  6. @Shishoba - Maybe we could do a swap?

    @thalie - Thanks for the award, hun xoxo

    @Liz - Glad to hear you love cute packaging too! I think the Jspanese do the prettiest packaging. :)

  7. how come i didn't see these cuties at daiso? i probably overlooked... will have to check them in my next visit.

  8. @prettymom - They were on the wall with all the lippies at the Doncaster store. Lots of them too!

  9. They definitely looks cool and sweet

  10. I love Happy Pink! Worth buying for the packaging alone really :)

  11. @MissDoll - these pots are really sweet :)

    @Vintage Makeup - Yes, the packaging of these does it for me too! xoxo

  12. My neices would go crazy for these little sweeties, I hope they have them when I'm in Doncaster next!

  13. it looks like jill stuart's stuff..hehe


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