11 November, 2011

Gold shatter + pink = pretty!

Hello my lovelies <3

First can I start off this post by saying I'm feeling just a little lonely tonight.  My husband is on his way to Las Vegas for the week to attend an IT convention and I'm missing him already.  At least I have my lovely boy and my two kitties, and all of you out there for company...

Now onto what you're really here for - some more nail polish fun.  I had another play with my OPI Gold Shatter and used a heavier application over my pink Mauve is Me base.  I was much more satisfied with the results this time.  The cracks were clearly visible, and the colour combination of pink and gold complimented each other really beautifully IMO.

All pictures were taken outdoors in indirect light:

What do you think?  Do you like the combination of pink and gold?

That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. @Kristy - Thanks, I like the subtle contrast of these colours.

  2. i like this combination. gorgeous and very spring.

  3. @Vintage Makeup - Well thank you! xoxo

    @prettymom - Thank you. :) Loving your Pinkvember by the way!

  4. @Silhouette Screams - Thanks, cute is a great way to discribe this combo :)


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