08 November, 2011

Layering: Green with gold flakies

Hi and Happy Tuesday to you! Here's a post dedicated to layering using one of my favourite layering polishes - Inglot 205.

I'm not a nail artist but I like to have a bit of fun with polish.  I love Inglot's 205 green/gold flakie polish because by adding one coat it easily transforms a simple manicure into something a little bit special. 

Here I've applied a single coat of 205 over Orly's Green With Envy (see original manicure here ) and it added just the twist I wanted.  I think it looks a little like gold leaf on my nails:

Do you wear flakie polish?  What's your favourite flakie layering combo?

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. mm i love flakies, this is such cute mani

  2. I NEED a flakie in my life! This is such a great combo. :D

  3. @Polish AMOR - Thankyou xoxo

    @Liz -...and I need some MORE flakies in my life! ;)

    @ABOP - I think I agree with you! Glad you like it xoxo

  4. I love the flakie polish! I don't own one, but want one even more now! Gorg combo! :)

  5. @Vintage Makeup - Flakies are a cute and easy way to dress up your nails - highly recommended! I wore a flakie mani last Christmas because it looked festive. :)

  6. LOVE! It looks like a bird's egg, only more badass :)

  7. @SihouetteScreams - I like the sound of that!


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