26 November, 2011

What my nails wore to work: Butter London - HRH

Considering how much I love purple I don't wear it nearly often enough.

This week I wore HRH from Butter London.  HRH is a very rich shade of deep purple, with a subtle red shimmer.  This shade lives up to its regal title because it reminds me of royal purple velvet as it glimmers in the light and it looks very vampy in dim light.  This is the first time I've worn a polish from Butter London and I was quite happy with its performance.  The polish applied smoothly with an even opaque coverage in two coats.  It was quite durable too, and I got through the working week with minor tip wear.  Butter London polishes are 3 Free and don't contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP or Parabens in their formula.

Full sun

Outdoors shade

This shade has reminded me why I love purple!

Have a great weekend,

Vita :)


  1. Oh so tempting, but I just picked up two other butter Londons this week, I must stop!

  2. i love purples!! this is such a beautiful color & it looks so pretty on you !

  3. @Kristy - Thanks, I completely agree with you!

    @Leanne - What shades did you get? Sounds like you're building up a bit of a collection!

    @Maria - I'm a purple-holic too!

  4. Ugh this is a ridiculously freakin' pretty purple *___* *steals it*

  5. @SilhouetteScreams - You're so evil ;) Hehe

  6. Gorgeous, stunning, super purple fabulousness. Clearly I picked the wrong Butter London colours.

  7. @Chloeblue - Another purple fan? Great! :)


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