30 November, 2011

Topshop makeup (giveaway haul)

It was just over a month ago I was lucky enough to win a Topshop makeup giveaway from the lovely Rose of The Beauty of Red Roses.   Rose is another Australian beauty blogger who appreciates the pretty things so do check out her blog!

It's taken me a little while but I finally had the time to take some product pics and swatches...

Duo Eyeshadow - Thunder
I actually had a choice between Thunder and another 'safer' colour palette so I selected this one because it's outside my comfort zone.  The deep teal green and mauve/grey look a bit scary in the palette but they're actually quite sheer when applied dry to the skin.  I've yet to do a makeup look with this so I can't comment on the wear, creasing etc.   I've done a bit of Google hunting and this duo is a limited edition from the 2010 Heavy Duty collection.

Liners - Steely & Facet
These are the first gel eyeliners I've owned.  Steely is a very wearable matte grey/blue, while Facet is an interesting rose red.  My instinct is to use Facet as a lipliner but I'll try and dream something up that doesn't make me look like I've got an eye infection!  Again, I haven't subjected these to the wear test yet but they're supposed to be, "long-wearing, water-resistant precision..." products.  I think these are also limited edition but I can only guess from the identical packaging they're from the same Heavy Duty collection as the eyeshadow.  My initial swatching shows these liners aren't as sharply defined as I'd expect:

Dry swatched in daylight on the back of my hand.
  I didn't use primer so I could get a true indication of the pigment of these shades:

Well, hello, I then read on the back of the box the eyeshadow can also be applied wet.
Here's a quick reswatch and comparison.  Much more intense, sparkly, interesting (and
outside my comfort zone - yay!):

From my first impressions I'm a bit dubious about the gel liners but I'm excited about the eyeshadow and look forward to some experimenting.  

Topshop finally opens its first Australian store in Melbourne's Jam Factory on Thursday, 8th December (only a few days away)!

That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. @Vintage Makeup - I know! Glad I tried the wet swatch. It looks a lot more interesting and I'm definitely gonna try a wet eyeshadow look with these. xoxo

  2. You should try using the gel liners as bases, I'd love to see what kind of look you'd get from layering different eyeshadows over the top of the pink one :)

  3. @SihouetteScreams - Great idea!

  4. @Mlle Slimalicious - Thanks :)


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