21 November, 2011

Essence: White Secret

I was really nervous about wearing White Secret.  I didn't think I could carry off a white nail polish against my deathly skin and this looked really opaque in the bottle.  I needn't have worried because this is a milky translucent three-coater and not the white-out shade that I'd feared.

It's probably not the most exciting manicure look but it made a pleasant change and it's definitely suitable for an office environment.  My husband actually thought it looked pale pink.  See what you think:

The finish was a little patchy in the pictures although this wasn't as obvious IRL.  

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. Stunning colour. Very elegant and lady like!

  2. mmm I don't see the pale pink your hubby saw hehehe .. but I think it looks very nice on you! I would actually wear something like this

  3. Oh it is really pretty, I love white but fear it at the same time too. It can look so clean, as it does on you, or it can look like you've got some sort of nail issues. That definitely looks universally wearable and slightly pink but really milky.

  4. I always think I can't wear white/super pale shades either but it always looks so great on other people! This really looks fab on you. I love how it's not pure white and has the barest slightest hint of pink.

  5. Polish Amor needs to wear her glasses next time she visits Mrs Vita's blog! i clearly see pale pink ! your hubby is right ;D i like this soft color in you !

  6. Much more elegant than I expected from a white polish - whenever I see them I automatically think back to high school when I thought I was a badass with white-out nails XD

  7. @Haute_Style - Thank you, it's nice to feel elegant once in a while :)

    @Polish AMOR - Thanks, I was surprised at how much I liked this, didn't expect to like it at all!

    @D... - It's the milkiness of this polish that I like too :)

    @Liz - Thanks, perhaps you should experiment with different paler shades?

    @Maria - Haha :) You're gorgeous! I'll have to tell Hubby his eyesight is just fine!

    @SilhouetteScreams - The subtlety of this shade took me by surprise for sure! Now I need to find that badass opaque white just to see...


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