18 November, 2011

My favourite shatter combo

Just a quick post tonight!

I applied a thick coat of OPI's Gold Shatter over one of my old classic fave's, the aubergine creme Lincolm Park After Dark.  I love the contrast of this mani and the dark base really shows through the cracks nicely.   This has an antique feel about it.


Outdoors daylight

What's your favourite shatter shade?

Vita :)


  1. Ooooh, this is GORGEOUS! I'll have to try this combo myself x

  2. I did this combo a while ago, looks great on you! I'm not too sure how I feel about shatters anymore lol ... But my fav is probably the silver one :)

  3. WOW! Gold shatter is soooo pretty! I think I will be wearing gold shatter this Christmas!

  4. @Angie - Thanks! I'll definitely wear this combo again too. :)

    @Polish AMOR - I've got the new Sally Hansens to try so I'm not quite over the fad yet. Silver's right up there for me too.

    @Harshleen - Thanks, I think it's probably the most wearable. :)

    @Rose - Gold's my fave, and definitely festive!

  5. It's beautiful with brown. I only have a silver version of shatter and I think it is my favorite since I'm not a fan of gold on my nails

  6. @MissDoll - Thank you, I have silver shatter too.


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