09 November, 2011

Haul post: MAC + YSL

Another month, another teeny little haul, and enabled by my husband no less!  My lovely Hubby keeps letting me know about those Catch of the Day sales and I keep getting tempted...

YSL Elle - 2010 Limited Edition EDT
I bought this fragrance as a summery replacement for my original Elle which I finished a few months ago.  It smells a bit crisper and lighter than the original and will get a lot of love from me through the hotter months - love the summery bottle design too.  Does it bother me that it's so last year?  No!

MAC eyeshadow L-R:
Forgery, Phloof!

I was looking for some base and highlight eyeshadow colours and I'd wanted to add the soft satiny pink Phloof! to my collection for a long time.  It really is a velvety shadow which glides on and has just the right amount of shimmer so I'm happy to finally own it.  On the the other hand the icy Forgery was an impulse purchase and I'm a little unsure about it.  You can see a lot of sparkly fallout in the swatch above left - and this was over a primer!

Until next time...

Vita :)


  1. I love MAC eye shadows.. I like to purchase their holiday sets :) BTW the Pure Ice retails at Walmart I am not sure where else maybe some drug stores :)If you are interested in getting some contact me, I might be able to help :-P

  2. I love the bottle of the EDT! :)

    The MAC shadows look like lovely everyday colours!

  3. I love when a good perfume has a lighter summer edition. Man, I am going to be SO jealous of your Australian summer for the next whatever months!

    I almost bought Phloof once but didn't at last minute. Not sure why - it's a good one!

  4. @Polish AMOR - Thanks xoxo. I'll tell my Hubby cos he's off to Vegas tomorrow to attend an IT convention. Hopefully he'll have the time to check out a Walmart!

    @Vintage Makeup - Yet again the packaging was what got my interest in the first place. Of course, I bought it because I love the fragrance too! Haha

    @Liz - And here I am jealous of you having a white Christmas! Phloof is lovely, a real 'me' shade and gets loads of great reviews on Makeup Alley too. :)

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  6. I wanted to love Phloof! but I couldn't get it to work on me :(

    Love seeing hauils though :)

  7. @Chloeblue - I've not tried Phloof! yet so I'll see how it goes. Usually these sorts of shades work well on my skin tone but you never know until you try!


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